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Oshawa, a city nestled in Southern Ontario along the scenic shores of Lake Ontario, finds its place at the heart of the Golden Horseshoe region. As part of the Greater Toronto Area and specifically situated within the Durham Region alongside cities like Ajax, Pickering, Brock, and Whitby, Oshawa offers a vibrant and thriving community. With a current population exceeding 300,000 residents, the city is projected to experience a 16% growth over the next decade.
Investing in a new condo in Oshawa means immersing oneself in exceptional communities, abundant recreational facilities, expansive parklands, and top-notch schools. The city has witnessed unprecedented levels of population growth, resulting in the creation of numerous employment opportunities and the emergence of new residential developments. Single-detached homes are the most prevalent housing option in Oshawa, closely followed by multi-storey buildings with five or more floors.
One of the key advantages of investing in a new condo in Oshawa is the seamless access it provides to neighboring cities within the GTA. With Highways 401 and 407 running to the north and south of the city, residents enjoy convenient travel routes. Oshawa’s strategic location allows for a quick commute to Toronto, taking less than an hour by car or GO Train. Additionally, the Durham Region Transit system caters to public transportation needs, serving all residents of the Durham Region.
Oshawa also boasts the Oshawa Executive Airport, a modern facility catering exclusively to corporate business travel and general aviation. Residents can indulge in a wealth of recreational opportunities, including exploring the city’s downtown area, participating in community events and festivals, and taking advantage of the extensive recreational facilities available. The Oshawa Centre, the largest shopping center in the Durham Region, houses over 230 retailers, offering a diverse retail experience. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the city’s three waterfront parks—Lakefront West Park, Stone Street Park, and Lakeview/Lakewoods Park—or explore the extensive trail network spanning 410 hectares of parkland.
Investing in a new condo in Oshawa means embracing a dynamic city with a thriving community, remarkable natural landscapes, and abundant amenities for residents and visitors alike. With its strategic location, exceptional connectivity, and diverse range of attractions, Oshawa stands as a promising investment opportunity for those seeking a rewarding living experience.

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