Our Objectives

About Us

AssignSigma is a premium tech-forward Marketplace platform where everyone can display, locate and access assignment deals, pre-construction projects with confidence, effectiveness, privacy, and security.

Whether you are Real Estate Agent, Buyer, Seller, or Investor ,you’ll find this real-time online platform incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to navigate.”

Our Objectives

AssignSigma is a tech-forward marketplace and our objective is smooth transaction and put more cash in your pocket.

Our objective is to create a self-service real estate platform that reduces the complexity of buying and selling processes by providing

  1. More access: Our platform allows users to view all available properties for sale, including off-market listings, FSBOs, expired listings, and upcoming listings
  2. More transparency: Gain access to comprehensive and open information on any property, usually exclusive to agents, and communicate directly with homeowners via our in-app messaging feature.
  3. Less pressure: Manage your transaction independently without feeling obligated to follow the conventional procedures of a real estate agent. You can seek assistance from our experts as needed, without any pressure

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